140 Years of craftsmanship

The company was founded by H. J. Jacobsen back in 1870 at the port of Svendborg. 

Back then skilled craftsmen carefully crafted every block, wheel, mallet, reel, cleat, step etc. with emphasis on safety and high quality.
Today things are still handmade and our expertise is based on the knowledge of many generations.

Until 2014 Maritime Woodcraft was known under the name
H. J. Jacobsen’s Successor. A family driven manufacturer known internationally. Today we are located in the little town Marstal
on the island Aeroe.


Traditional craftsmanship in a modern context

A part of our business has always been the ability to make custom solutions for classic ships. Maritime Woodcraft has supplied the Danish royal yacht DannebrogGeorg StageFultonFregatten Jylland and many others. 

Some of the world’s largest container ships from MAERSK are controlled with steering wheels from Maritime Woodcraft.